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Grow To Achieve
has been designed for youth and young adults who are interested in growing to be the best they can be and, particularly for those young adults whose view of themselves may be impeding their future options.

Grow To Achieve is an active program for youth and young adults that helps them see the beliefs they hold about themselves as learners and individuals has a profound effect on how much of their potential they will eventually realise. Grow To Achieve helps them to see they do have choices and they can take more control and can create good things to happen in their lives if they want to!

By raising self-esteem and levels of personal efficacy, participants will increase their future achievements, manage their own behaviour and adopt values that support better relationships and adopt a more positive future focus. One of the key factors that will influence these decisions is their level of self-esteem and their expectations of what is possible for them.

By learning and understanding how the human mind works, how current habits, attitudes and beliefs shape expectations for the future, young adults learn that they are in control of the way they think and can use that power to enhance their performance and the way they live their lives.

There is a power in how we think. How we think affects the way we act and behave, how we think determines whether or not we will be successful in life.

There are many negative influences around us that make it difficult sometimes to choose the right thing. Studies have shown that with no goals of our own, we become susceptible to the loudest voice around us-whether it is good for us or not. The Grow To Achieve program teaches the art and science of goal setting and combines this with a thorough understanding of just how we think, so young adults build self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong ethical centre. It is one thing to know ‘the right thing,” it is quite another to have the confidence to act on it.

Grow To Achieve uses a simple yet powerful framework for structuring sessions for goal setting and problem solving.

Grow To Achieve has partnered with The Pacific Institute who has developed programs built on the best academic research from the field of cognitive psychology. A Pacific Institute program has been incorporated into the Grow To Achieve activity days.

Grow To Achieve is a life-changing experience which will provide a springboard to a successful future for youth and young adults. For more information, please initially contact the Program Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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