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Mentors play an active role in listening to the mentees and use the great array of skills that can be passed to the younger generation of students.
There is no real syllabus because each student and mentoring session is always different.
Mentoring offers the student a one on one opportunity to discuss various matters with an experienced experienced Mentor.
The mentor can then provide real life feed back to facilitate change and direction for the student.

Mentors can assist with:
  • Setting a positive mental attitude
  • Setting goals for Education, life, work and many others.
  • Show a pathway to success.
  • Be a great listening post.
  • Assist with resume writing.
  • Assist with job applications.

It’s about being there with the will and knowledge to help.
Mentoring semesters run for a 10 week program over a 12 week period.
Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc. provides wide ranging support for this mentoring program.

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