Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc.-FAQ


  1. Who is Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc?

The Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc. ABN 49 404 283 341 is a Not-for-Profit Charity that raises funds  through Federal and State Government grants, Central Coast Council Community grants program, business organisations and private individuals. The Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc. provides funding to allow the mentoring of Year 10 students to continue in  seven  State High Schools on the Central Coast and to allow for additional Central Coast schools to join the mentoring program. Donations to the Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc. can be claimed as a tax deduction.

  1. Which Schools are Participating in the Program?

Central Coast schools participating include – Berkeley Vale Campus, Brisbane Waters Woy Woy Campus, Erina High School, Kincumber High School, Narara Valley High School, Tumbi Umbi Campus and Terrigal High School.

  1. Do I Need a Working with Children Check?

Yes, people who work with students are required to obtain a Working with Children number prior to training.

  1. What Happens on My First Day as a Mentor at School?

After signing in at Reception and been given a safety briefing, you will be then introduced to the Coordinating Teacher who will run the mentoring program in your school.

  1. What is mentoring?

A mentor is a friend, a confidante, a person with more experience in life, not an authority figure like a parent or teacher, someone who can open a young person’s

mind to opportunities available to them and provide encouragement and support.

  1. What Skills do I Need?

Life skills, good listening skills, ability to relate to a young person in a non- judgemental way.

  1. Is there any Training?

Yes, training is provided over two days. There are also mentor development days for existing mentors. There is no cost for training or the mentor development days.

  1. How Long is Each Mentoring Program?

Each program last ten weeks, it normally takes twelve weeks to complete, allowing for school holidays and exam blackout periods.  A mentee and a mentor work together for approximately one hour on the same day each week. You would need to set aside two hours each week for mentoring and a debrief with the coordinating teacher and other mentors in your team.

  1. Can I Choose the School I mentor at?

After successfully completing the two day training program you can select the school where you would prefer to mentor.

  1. Am I Covered by Insurance?

The Department of Education has an insurance policy which covers volunteers working at a school, or on an authorised excursion with a teacher. 

  1. Can I Go Away on Holidays?

Each program runs for 10 weeks and normally takes 12 weeks to complete.  It would be expected that each mentor be available for the duration of each program.  Prearranged holidays of short duration or sickness can generally be accommodated.

  1. Why are young people being mentored?

Research shows that young people who leave school early, are twice as likely to be unemployed at the age of 24 than those who have completed year 12.
Mentoring offers young people the opportunity to plan for their future careers and find a positive pathway into employment. A mentor can highlight alternative pathways and help open doors for new opportunities.

  1. How are the Mentees chosen?

The mentees volunteer to be part of the mentoring program and are matched with the mentor by the School’s Coordinating Teacher.

  1. Are there Any Excursions?

The Mentees and the Mentors participate in group excursions on the Central Coast and on some occasions in Sydney. 

  1. Why Join Central Coast Mentoring?

Central Coast Mentoring Network Inc.(CCMN) funds youth mentoring programs, mentor recruitment and support for new mentors, new mentor training, existing mentor development days, program planning and administration and promotion of youth mentoring. Assists in  advertising and marketing to support the development of Central Coast Secondary School Mentoring (CCSSM).Membership provides support for our activities.  

CCMN provides a team member to respond to mentoring enquiries on behalf of CCSSM.

Please click on the website www.centralcoastmentoringnetwork.org.au  to complete a membership form. 

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